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Organizations aligning programs & providing leadership dedicated to SDEP

Focused Deterrence Program
sponsored by the Dallas Police Department

The Focused Deterrence strategy is designed to positively intervene in the lives of at-risk individuals who are justice-impacted* and in need of assistance.  Through the South Dallas Employment Project (SDEP) and their partnerships, the services being offered to you and your immediate family are at no cost.  The Dallas Police Department and its partners recognize some individuals become involved in criminal activity due to underlying conditions and obstacles such as homelessness, education, underemployment, unemployment, and many other circumstances.  Therefore, it is the goal of this program to eliminate any underlying condition, to the best of our ability, using all the resources at our disposal.  It is our hope that through the Focused Deterrence program you and your family will build a sustainable life and positively impact your community. 


To apply for services, click on the link below and fill out the Intake Assessment Form.  Afterwards, an SDEP Navigator will contact you to determine how the program can best serve you.

*Justice-Involved or justice-impacted means you or an immediate family member who lives in your household has been arrested, convicted of a crime, and/or incarcerated.

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