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All public agencies that have committed to supporting & providing services

for SDEP initiatives, our Partners, and to those we serve

Our Public Agency Partners include all state and federal agencies that have committed to work directly with the SDEP in supporting our work, interacting with our Partners, and providing services and resources to those we serve. Representatives of our public agencies are also invited to

attend SDEP Committee meetings.

We are currently working directly with the following agencies:

City of Dallas Attorney’s Office
City of Dallas Specialty Courts
Dallas County Jail
Dallas County Sheriff’s Office
Dallas County Specialty Courts
Dallas District Attorney’s Office
Dallas Housing Authority
Hutchins State Prison
Management Training Corporation

North Central Texas Workforce Board
Office of Federal Prosecutor
Seagoville Federal Prison
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Texas Veterans Commission
US Department of Health & Human Services
Windham ISD/TDCJ

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