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South Dallas

Employment Project

A Strategic Approach from Generational Poverty to Generational Wealth


The South Dallas Employment Project is a true collaboration of 200+ non-profit and for profit organizations, including the City of Dallas, working together to serve opportunity populations, establish systemic change in South and Southern Dallas, through place based services.

Our vision is to move the residents of South Dallas from generational poverty to generational wealth.

Our mission is to build collaborative community capacity, bringing business, government, education, workforce development, and nonprofit social enterprises together to align and integrate resources, thereby increasing the capacity of all partners through systemic change.

Although we know that a livable wage is important, it is also important to provide support for success and the opportunity for positive integration into the community. With varied experiences, educational and income levels, all have something to bring to the community.


We want those we serve to become contributors to their community. By making them aware of the available resources, we can help them establish a deeper connection to their neighborhoods as a place that has reinvested in them. 

Our Commitment

Create Community Awareness of Opportunity Populations & Resources

Create a Pathway to Living Wage Employment


Provide Assistance with Housing, Transportation, Wellness & Recovery


Improve the Infrastructure & Technology to Support Digital Equity & Literacy


Advocate for Public Policies that Support Opportunity Populations

A Growing Number of Partners that Support SDEP Initiatives and Services


Connectivity to Opportunity Populations in Need of Direct Services

Connectivity to Organizations that Provide Direct Services

Training, Education and Career Opportunities

Service Provider and Volunteer Opportunities

Your Connection

Learn About our Services and Partners

Visit our Services page to learn more about our partner programs and resources.

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