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The South Dallas Employment Project (SDEP) provides both the framework and process to establish “Communities of Practice” that holistically serves opportunity populations; assisting these individuals to successfully reintegrate into South Dallas with the skills, competencies, knowledge and capabilities to live sustainable lives. 

The South Dallas Employment Project is establishing SDEP Service Centers within apartment complexes and partner facilities throughout south Dallas. These centers enable the SDEP and our 185+ partners to provide direct services within the apartment complexes to apartment residences, as well as individuals and families living within close proximity to these service centers across Dallas.


In every SDEP Service Center, families and individuals can receive assistance to (1) procure a drivers license, Social Security card, and/or birth certificate; (2) schedule telemedicine, telehealth, and Tele court appearances; (3) receive training, leading to industry recognized certificates and certifications from Dallas Community College; and (4) through the Metrix Learning System, utilized by the Texas Workforce Commission, sign up for employment assistance from their local workforce board, and access more than 6,000 training modules, that include digital literacy assistance. In addition, individuals and families can receive referrals to any of the SDEP’s 185+ organizational partners, who provide assistance with (1) training and employment, (2) housing, (3) transportation, (4) health wellness & recovery services, (5) community reintegration, (6) digital & financial literacy training, and (7) legal assistance.

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