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Health, Wellness & Recovery

SDEP recognizes the importance of providing services of wellness and good health: physical, emotional & mental, social, and intellectual.  Maintaining overall wellness in recovery, especially a sense of purpose and social relationships, are critical elements in maintaining long-term recovery for individuals to live sustainable lives.

SDEP is also assessing the need for and will establish a plan to expand health care services and providers in the area. Our partners are working diligently on these strategies and tactics that address critical issues:

     (1)  Implement the recovery-oriented system/communities of care (ROSC)

     (2)  Educate all segments of South Dallas Project about addiction and mental health recovery

     (3)  Engage NTBHA, Dallas County and other related community health partners

     (4)  Provide Trainings in Re-entry, Peer Specialist Certifications, Recovery Oriented Systems/Communities of Care, Cultural Elements and trauma Informed Care

     (5)  Determine the resources needed and an approach to procure them; Link them to health and wellness resources

     (6)  Address Social Determinants of Health and Adverse Childhood Experiences in the targeted zip codes. This strategy will address culture, race and health                 factors that make up where one lives, works, plays and prays and eliminate barriers to access quality healthcare and recovery

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