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Community Reintegration

SDEP is dedicated to connecting opportunity populations with organizations, people and resources that will support their re-entry to living and working in South Dallas. We are proactively engaging Churches & Faith Based Organizations in South Dallas to help develop a seamless pathway for individuals from the Court to be connected to our Community Reintegration Partners. These partners are working together to identify:

     (1)  Critical stakeholders and a plan to engage support

     (2)  Identification of available organizations & resources

     (3)  Critical needs to be met

Community Reintegration Partners of SDEP are providing the following essential resources and services:

  • The use of their facilities to our nonprofit social enterprise partners, who are providing direct assistance to individuals returning to south Dallas with training leading to living wage employment; and assistance with housing, transportation, health wellness & recovery; and connectivity to their community

  • A significant number of our nonprofit social enterprise partners providing the direct services & support to opportunity populations are seeking volunteers

  • Employers willing to interview, without prejudice, opportunity population job seekers who have the skills & competencies the business is seeking

  • Volunteers willing to serve as Coaches to individuals from Opportunity Populations, who are re-entering the South Dallas Community from institutional settings

In Need of Services and Support?

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