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Living Wage Employment

The South Dallas Employment Project is dedicated to connecting people with living wage employment opportunities that will help provide adequate shelter, food, and other basic necessities for these individuals and their families.  This includes Career Training & Preparedness to provide individuals with the skills and competencies needed to be employed at a living wage in industry sectors with significant unmet demand that offer career pathways and a sustainable wage. To support these efforts, SDEP has partnered with local educators and employers to accomplish 5 primary goals:

     (1)  Improve the number of Individuals completing Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs, resulting in students achieving a “Nationally Recognized

           Industry Certification”, and securing employment at a living wage. 

     (2)  Increase the attainment of “Nationally Recognized Industry Certifications” for returning citizens, resulting in their employment at a living wage. 

     (3)  Improve student participation in the Dallas Promise, resulting in students receiving the financial assistance needed to pursue their continued education

           beyond high school. 

     (4)  Increase employer engagement and align employer workforce needs with the Project’s area talent. 

     (5)  Increase the number of residents that hold a GED/Alternative High School Diploma. 



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