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Housing supports personal and professional development and offers a safe harbor.  Affordable housing is a necessity that improves the quality of life of individuals by leading to better health, adequate jobs, financial stability, security, and population diversity. The effects of affordable housing on residents are profound and capable of transforming communities.

SDEP has worked to identify housing challenges, and is focused on these strategies and tactics to address critical issues:

  • Collaborate with multiple Housing Partners to address issues and produce solutions

  • Develop an electronic referral system through partnerships that can sustain service calls or provide internet services to fill the gaps that partners need to facilitate their work in various parts of the city

  • Work with partner approved developers to provide housing opportunities for re-entry

  • Resolve regulation issues through a collective effort, working with partners across the metroplex & in the community to ensure growth and sustainability.


SDEP Housing Partners provide emergency, interim and long term housing.  We are also working with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and City of Dallas on ways SDEP Partners can support the development of affordable housing. 

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