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All organizations & entities that have made a commitment to guarantee interviews of individuals referred to them by the SDEP

The South Dallas Employment Project is engaging Employers to meet two well aligned objectives: (1) meeting the employers unmet demand for skilled workers, and (2) meeting the need of those unemployed and underemployed to secure employment at a “Living Wage”. 
Our approach is fundamental. 
We are educating employers about Opportunity Populations, given the fact that 1 in 3 working age Texans have a record, and nearly 40% of the Workforce is essentially comprised of Opportunity Populations. 
The Opportunity is for the SDEP Partners to provide the training resulting in the Individual attaining the skills and competencies needed by employers, as well as financial & digital literacy, and an understanding of the “Soft Skills” Employers value. 
Employers provide their Job needs. Our Training Partners provide the trained skilled job seekers.
We also work to support the Individuals with assistance, as needed, with (1) housing, (2) transportation, (3) health wellness and recovery services;

(4) connectivity to organizations and support services within the community; and (5) digital access and equipment.


What is required of an employer to participate?

We ask employers to (1) provide information on the types of jobs they have and their skill requirements; (2) commit to interview the individuals we refer; and (3) consider providing support to the project in one or more of the following ways:

  • Provide financial support for the Project

  • Provide technical training equipment to participating schools

  • Provide teacher externships

  • Provide student internships

  • Provide employment for registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs

  • Provide technical support to Dallas ISD Career Awareness Education

  • Provide guidance to the Project, related to your business or industry sector needs, and your own employment needs


CLICK HERE to view the Employer FAQ sheet.

     What is SDEP?

     Who is involved in the Project?

     What are 'Opportunity Populations'?

     What types of job seekers can the Project provide?

Interested in Assisting with Training & Employment?

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